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Helgi Maki

Helgi is a lawyer who has done pro bono work relating to conflicts involving potentially traumatic issues such as mental health issues and sexual assault.  She also has personal experience utilizing victims services resources after traumatic events.  She believes that access to justice can be improved by considering how all legal system stakeholders (lawyers and other legal professionals, judges, victims services professionals, first responders, victims, accused persons and offenders) are affected by trauma.  She is working to develop a universal framework for trauma-informed legal practice for use with conflicts involving trauma.  She believes that justice that retraumatizes isn't truly justice at all and is interested in nonadversarial justice research.

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Steve Brady

Steve is a trauma-informed counsellor, restorative practices trainer/facilitator and a certified HeartMath provider.  As a counsellor and former first responder, and medical scientist, Steve has a wealth of expertise relating to trauma. He is interested in restorative justice and non-adversarial justice. He has a passion for collaboration among organisations and individuals seeking to "do justice better" be it in legal practice, schools, organisational culture, and even within families and communities.



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