The trauma-informed law project is a pro bono collaborative project exploring how trauma affects the law.  And how trauma, and traumatized individuals, are impacted by the legal system. Can (or should) lawyers and the legal system become trauma-informed or provide trauma-informed services, and what best practices are emerging?



Secondary or Vicarious Trauma & Law

Do lawyers, judges, paralegals and other members of the legal system experience secondary or vicarious trauma?  Or compassion fatigue?  What resources are available on this topic? 

Trauma & Lawyer-Client Relationships

How does trauma affect the lawyer-client relationship?  How to perspectives on this relationship differ between lawyer and client in connection with trauma?  What resources are available on this topic?

Trauma & Legal System Issues

How does trauma affect the legal system in general?  Are certain aspects of the legal system more impacted than others?  What is the current state of resources for particularly traumatic issues such as sexual violence?


“[O]ur system traumatizes and victimizes people when we exercise our power to convict and condemn irresponsibly - not just the accused but also their families, their communities, and even the victims of crime." - Bryan Stevenson, "Just Mercy"

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